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I have always been a huge fan of P.F. Changs, and three out of my past four Valentine’s Day dates have been spent with good friends indulging in sweet vino, Chang’s spicy chicken, and their mouth watering great wall of chocolate dessert.  Thanks to Instagram, I was able to capture my V-Day experience for all to see!  I wanted to give a special thank you to my loving parents who mailed me a care package full of treats, and I hope that everyone enjoyed yesterday’s festivities spending cherished memories with those they love.  

I hope you all are embracing the spirit of romance today… I know I sure am! This delicate, rosy colored inspiration board is helping me plan what to wear tonight in order to show off my love-day mood!  I could easily feel down and disheartened spending my Valentine’s Day single yet again…but I couldn’t be more excited to go out with my gals tonight who are all in the same boat.  If you didn’t get the chance to hear about my festivities, read here for all the goodies!

As you get older this dreamy holiday isn’t always so peachy perfect, but I am determined to remember the times where handing out sweet little valentines topped with lollipops and candy hearts was oh so fun…and this year is no exception!  I plan on bringing something special to dinner for all of my lovely ladies as we spend our last few months together before parting ways and entering the real world (outside of college).  So, like I said earlier this month, be happy in this moment and cherish those who love you unconditionally both today and every day!

*Images {column 1} pink dress, pink table setting, pink rose wreath {column 2} pink chair, pink roses, candy hearts {column 3} heart coffee, pink feather, Starbucks ice cream, Jane Eyre, pink dessert

Half of the fun on Valentine’s Day is dressing the part, don’t you agree?  From shades of cherry and blush, to girly, playful patterns like the miniature hearts shown above, anything goes when it comes to this love-filled holiday.  Colored jeans are extremely popular right now, so I decided to style a v-day inspired outfit around Pippa Middleton’s sophisticated look.  I chose to swap out Pippa’s print with a festive heart button down, just in time for the 14th.  I’d love to know, what will you be wearing for your romantic rendezvous? 


Papersource is once again my go-to for all things creative.  If you are looking to find delicate and dainty gifts for a friend or family member, these simplistic yet thoughtful favors will be sure to put a smile on someone’s face.  Most importantly, make your present pretty and order heart-patterned bags or love inspired prints with a hint of glitter tissue to tie it all together! 

My little sister is turning 19 today, so what better way to show her how much I love her than to dedicate my blog post to her birth, right?  I honestly could not ask for a better sibling, friend, and role model in my life.  Although she is younger than me, Kristen is wiser beyond measure and perfect in my eyes.  She is admired by everyone that comes along her path, and is a joy to be around.  I love her more than anything in this world, and wish her a happy, happy birthday.  I love you sissy!

With Valentine’s Day only 14 days away, it’s official: my date for two years in a row now is once again my good friend Izzie, along with seven or so other ladies.  We made our annual singles reservation at P.F. Changs downtown, and I couldn’t be more excited to devour their four-course meal for two, complete with your choice of soup, an appetizer, two entrees, individual mini desserts, and my favorite, a bottle of Pinot Noir!  This month is full of handmade heart cards, fragrant flowers, and confused men trying to plan that last-second night out with their leading ladies, so I consider myself lucky to be able to spend the Hallmark holiday with my girls who would never break my heart like every man so gracefully does!  …and most importantly, whether you are dressing for your admirer or a singles night out (hopeful that love will be on your side next year), finding that memorable outfit is crucial…so my advice is to impress Cupid and color block in shades of red and pink.  If the infamous style icon and ”tell it like it is” hopeless romantic- Carrie Bradshaw (better known as Sarah Jessica Parker) gives this trend her approval, you can bet that others will too.  I challenge you all to make Feb. 14th special this 2012, and skip getting wrapped up in the stress of it all.  Just make sure to spend quality time with someone you love dearly!

Also, for all you deal savers out there… moolala is having a great special right now.  For $25 dollars you receive 2 movie tickets + a $50 gift card that can be redeemed at some tasty places like Max’s Wine Dive and J Black’s.  My friends and I aren’t only treating ourselves to a Valentine’s Day dinner…thanks to moolala, we are splurging on another meal and a night full of crying our eyes out watching The Vow starring my hubby Channing Tatum…i wish. 

*Images {column 1} SJP, model in pink blazer, red&pink purse, cupcakes {column 2} valentine’s menu, flowersvalentine’s cards, red&pink shoes {column 3} tea cup, red&pink balloons